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Thermo King Direct Drive Units

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Self-Powered Truck Units

Our self-powered units for straight trucks feature industry-leading capacity, maintenance intervals, temperature control, and the most advanced technology you can buy.

  • Thermo King T-590
  • Thermo King T-690 and T-690 MAX
  • Thermo King T-890 and T-890 MAX
  • Thermo King T-1090 and T-1090 MAX
  • Thermo King T-1090 Spectrum® Multi-Temp

Vehicle-Powered Truck Units

Thermo King straight truck refrigeration units are the optimal vehicle-powered solution for home-delivery applications, featuring the latest plug-and-play technology from the industry’s most trusted brand.

  • Thermo King e200 All-Electric
  • Thermo King B-100 All-Electric
  • Thermo King V-220 Series
  • Thermo King V-320 Series
  • Thermo King V-520 Nosemount Series
  • Thermo King V-520 Rooftop Series
  • Thermo King V-800