APU Models

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The #1 Thermo King APU in the Industry

Thermo King TriPac® Evolution Diesel APU

Thermo King’s next-generation APU provides virtually unlimited sleeper cab heating and air conditioning while reducing tractor idling and lowering maintenance costs. In addition to delivering significant fuel savings, the TriPac® Evolution APU is a valuable driver recruitment and retention tool, offering maximum driver comfort while out on the road. See why the TriPac® Evolution is the number one auxiliary power unit in the industry and the number one choice of drivers everywhere!

Product Highlights

  • 120 amp alternator for battery charging
  • Unlimited run time
  • Optional Espar D-2 Heater
  • Optional 2000W Pure Sine inverter
  • Engine warming capabilities
  • Factory-backed warranty with extended warranty options
An Electric APU Alternative

Thermo King TriPac Envidia® All-Electric APU

We’re proud to introduce a clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit (APU) that not only saves fuel but delivers unmatched driver comfort previously unavailable in an electric unit. Meet the Thermo King TriPac Envidia® APU for sale, the envy of the trucking world. Thermo King already builds the best-selling diesel APUs in the industry, and with TriPac Envidia®, brings you the longest all-electric runtime in the industry along with superior battery life. See why TriPac Envidia® is the right choice for you!

Product Highlights

  • Battery isolating technology to extend run time
  • Smart charging module
  • Optional Espar D-2 Heater
  • Optional 1000W pure sine inverter
  • Air tower to increase comfort
  • Factory backed warranty with extended warranty options